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  BTM - Research™  

A Comprehensive Informatics Solution for Biorepositories at Research Centers

In partnership with several leading medical research centers, Daedalus Software, Inc. has developed a comprehensive web-based biosample management solution for supporting medical and biological research across an institution.

The Biomaterial Tracking and Management System for research centers (BTM-Research) automates the collection, processing, storage, annotation, and distribution of biosamples and data using standard workflow procedures at a given research center. Scientists can access biosamples along with their relevant clinical data and annotations in real time, while preserving the privacy, security, and ethical use of patient and donor information.

Daedalus Software, Inc. has built the BTM-Research platform using its proven BTM™ application suite framework. The application workflows can be configured to fit your institution SOPs, and it is intuitively easy to use. BTM-Research can be accessed from any web browser, yet it provides strong security and role-based access control capabilities that safeguard your sensitive patient data against unauthorized access and use.

BTM-Research provides several critical benefits to research centers:

  • Allows centers to standardize their sample and data handling procedures, while reducing data entry errors.
  • Enables researchers to locate samples and data in support of a protocol faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Automates compliance with HIPAA, 21CFR11, IRB, and GxP specimen handling practices.

The result: a reduced Total Cost of Operations enables the BTM-Research application to pay for itself in as little as one year, making it an extremely attractive investment for most research centers.


Application Features:
  Group and User Level Access Management
  Activity Audit Trail
  Transaction Audit Trail
IRB Management
  Online Informed Consent Collection
  Online Consent Tracking
  IRB Protocol Management
Comprehensive Patient Information Tracking
   Consent Information
   Demographic Information
   Medical History
   Family History
   Clinical Findings
   Lab Results
   Surgery Information
Complete Sample Tracking and Inventory Management
   Dynamic Freezer/Location Management
   Tissue Management
   Bio-fluids Management
   Molecular Derivatives Management
   Non-human Sample Management
Genomics Information Tracking
   Genomics Block Specimen
   Slides Preparation
   Pooling Amplification
Tissue Micro-Array Management
Investigator Request Tracking and Management
Investigator Portal
   Search Engine for Sample Request
   Online Sample Tracking
   Extract and Export Data in a Variety of Formats





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