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  BTM - Hospital™  

In response to the need of hospitals, based on The Joint Commission Regulations on Transplant Safety, and in collaboration with major hospitals and Tissue Banks, Daedalus Software, Inc. has created Biomaterial Tracking and Management for Hospitals (BTM™-Hospital), an industry leading web-enabled tracking and management system for hospitals.

BTM-Hospital utilizes bar-code technology and has been developed with the functionalities for adherence to Joint Commission standards and regulations relating to tissue products. The application manages the real time inventory of banked specimens, identifies the location of a specific tissue, monitors the environment of storage units, and maintains a database of recipients and donors, physicians, other healthcare professionals who will be accessing the grafts for transplant. It can generate reports, including full chain of custody of grafts, and export the results for further analysis.

The software assures full confidentiality and privacy by converting both donor′s and recipient′s data into unique identification numbers.  The use of barcoding minimizes error and maximizes productivity.

Key Features:

.:. Web-Based
.:. Built-in Reports
.:. Barcode-Driven
.:. Modular Design
.:. HIPAA Compliant
.:. Role-based Access Control
.:. BTM-Transplant Interface
.:. Integration with OR Scheduler & other hospital databases


By using the BTM™ System, hospitals can:

• Track patient/recipient information;
• Track product handling and storage conditions;
• Track documentation on adverse reactions;
• Manage product recall efficiently and quickly;
• Send Tissue Utilization Records (TUR) electronically and automatically to the Distributor or the source from which a graft was acquired;
• Reduce operational risks and operational cost by:

  •        Managing entire tissue and implant program from product acquisition to final disposition;
  •        Tracking vendor qualification information;
  •        Tracking staff activities on grafts;
  •        Tracking product quality checks before placing in inventory;
  •        Assigning accountability in tissue management process;
  •        Facilitating report generation and export for further analysis;



Customization Available for Hospital specific SOPs







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